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Asian Fit Eyewear

Asian Fit Eyewear



Why Asian Fit? If you are one of tens of millions of Asians who believe dealing with ill-fitted glasses is just a way of life, think again. If glasses tend to sit too low or slide down your nose, sit on your cheeks, or pinch your temples or the back of your ears, then most likely you need Asian Fit glasses.

Each style of TC Fit is designed with Asian features in mind. The entire collection is for those who appreciate fashion but also believe in staying current does not mean sacrificing comfort.

With less front face curvature, higher nose pads and less tilt, TC Fit offers you choices that are trendy, comfortable, and the perfect fit that will optimize your optical performance.

If you would like help finding a frame that will fit you please email us at store@tc-fit.com or call us at 1-855-707-0220 and we will be glad to match the right frame for you.

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